Naval Exercises Possible Cause of Florida Pilot Whale Strandings

Champions for Cetaceans

By Kirsten Massebeau and Barbara Napoles

On Tuesday December 3rd  National Park Services found a pod of approximately 51 pilot whales stranded on the edge of the Florida Everglades in shallow waters near Highland Point. They immediately notified NOAA fisheries. On Wednesday December 4th rescuers and scientists arrived on  to assess the situation and attempt to move the pilot whales to deeper water. Rescuers and scientists attempted to use a technique involving sound called  “Oikomi” used by the dolphin hunters of Taiji to herd dolphins to the shallow waters of Hatakejiri Bay, know as “The Cove” where they are slaughtered and captured for the marine parks and aquariums. The banger boats create a semi-circle around the dolphins. They then drop metal poles into the water that they bang on creating a moving wall of sound (source) “On Wednesday, efforts to herd the surviving whales out to sea…

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Breaking News On Tibet


Image:@josepalay (text added)

Reports that the Tibetan monastery at Lithang in Kham region of occupied Tibet has today been engulfed in flames, details are unclear as to the cause of the fire, accident or a deliberate action by China.


Also breaking on Twitter news that Anonymous has today struck at two more Chinese government websites as part of ‘Operation Tibet. The sites are and

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Tibetan Self-Immolates In Golok, Eastern Tibet


Breaking reports that today around 5:40 PM Tibetan time in Golok, Eastern Tibet’s Amdo region, Mr. Tsering Gyal, aged 20,  self-immolated in protest at China’s illegal and vicious occupation of Tibet. More details reported HERE


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Why We Won’t Be Signing AVAAZ Petition On Tibet



The wider Tibet movement is currently being asked, via a petition issued through the site AVAAZ, to pressure the offices of the United Nations not to grant China a permanent seat on the UN Human Rights Council, a prospect as obscenely bizarre as imagining Jack-The-Ripper becoming a member of Amnesty International. How likely is it that the UN would be willing to listen to such an appeal? Remember the same upholders of human rights and freedoms of people have been utterly silent on China’s forced sterilization of women, a gross abuse of human rights that surely should concern the UN. Appointing also a Chinese representative as co-Chair of the UN Committee on Torture!  Despite the hypocrisy and disturbing shortcomings of the UN Tibetans have for many years beaten a path to Geneva and New York City to demand action. The response is usually one of hand-wringing and…

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Anonymous Assault Continues Against China’s Oppression Of Tibet

This is uplifting news, for a change!


Image via @tibettruth

The Anonymous assault against China’s regime continues to see Chinese government websites being hacked as part of an action called ‘Operation Tibet’. Yesterday, following news that 17 Tibetans had been arrested by Chinese paramilitary forces in Nagchu, Eastern Tibet, hack-tivists responded by crashing the site for that region.

Today another Chinese government site has been hacked, thanks to our friends over on Twitter for the heads-up on this latest action.

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Four Mandalas: A Prayer to Tara



Four Mandalas:  A Prayer to Tara

sGrol ma’i gsol ‘debs mandala bzhi pa

Jetsun Dragpa Gyaltsan

Translated by

Chris Wilkinson


Namo Guruwe


Arise at dusk and at dawn

Chant truly twice, thrice, or seven times.

If we wish for a son we will get a son.

If we wish for wealth we will get real wealth.

We will get everything we wish for.

We will overcome our impediments one by one

Till there are none.


          This statement is the basis for our prayer of four maṇḍalas. 

There are three parts: 


The preparation,

The true practice,

And the follow up.


          The first of these has three parts: 


The time,

The place,

And the placement of the image and offerings.


          As for the time, when we are working to achieve merit we do it on the eighth day of the month…

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Victory In Alameda As China’s Flag Is A No Show!

Good day today in Alameda, California, for Tibetan supporters!



Awesome Rally today at Alameda City Hall with Tibetans and supporters coming together to tell the Mayor and her colleagues that China’s flag was not welcome in the City and to make clear their opposition to the planned ceremony which was to honor China’s Government, despite that regime’s harrowing record of oppression and human rights violations. According to reports our friends on Facebook received from Bay Area Friends Of Tibet

” The Mayor and the Chinese Consul General Yuan scheduled to appeared decided not to show up!
The Chinese organizers canceled the event not long after it started because SF Team Tibet showed up and vocally protested…”

Respect to everyone who made it to the protest their presence surely ensured a just and rightful victory, such efforts though did not go without the amazing support of many good-hearted people who offered their time and solidarity to lobby the Mayor’s…

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